Sein Analytics CEO Explains What Investors Are Missing In The Structured Credit Space

SEIN Analytics founder and CEO Samuel Belu-John gave an interview to Benzinga, where he mapped out Sein’s goals.

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Sein’s primary goal is to make expensive, critical financial data and analysis available to small and mid-sized financial institutions.

Larger competitors charge a premium for this data. “We wanted to make the same data available to smaller to mid-sized investors,” he explained. “So we built a cloud infrastructure to avoid the need to send out large expensive servers with the data included.”

The cloud infrastructure, Belu-John noted, would allow Sein Analytics the flexibility to ship the platform with the data for some customers, but also make it possible for smaller institutions to utilize a Web-based application.

To create even more flexibility, he said, “We have designed the user interface so you could potentially manipulate the data from a tablet.”

“We spent two years just on the infrastructure,” he stated. “We brought in a company called Zend Technologies to help create the architecture.”

The net result, he said, was that, “When a user fires up the server there is no consideration on their side. They don’t have to load any software, operating system or database – that’s all done dynamically.”

Many thanks to Benzinga for their interest in finding out more about Sein and for making us a finalist in the Benzinga FinTech Awards.